Fox and the Hound

Bon voyage

Bon voyage, adieu, and godspeed
Are all the things you say to me
As you wave a sweet good bye and go on your new journey.
And here I sit, waiting, alone
To hear some word via phone
That you got there safe and sound
And where your staying has been found.
And then you’ll say what you got assigned
And put up some pictures in good time
Tell us in status what’s going on
And what’s happening across the pond.
And I’m happy for you I really am..,
But when is it my turn, what happened to my plans.
So here I sit heart aching and sad.
So much that the tears run down and I wipe them away with my hand.

Untitled by me

Tonight I sit on the porch. I want the world, I want to know how it feels in my hands. How it tastes on my tongue. How it sounds through my ears. How it looks through my eyes. I want to walk from one place to another and sleep under the stars if its too far. In the morning to sit on a hill, look out, and soak up the colors, smells, sounds. All of these I will file away one by one, so when I’m older I can see a photo and know how it felt, how it tasted, how it sounded, how it looked.

I’m tired…

I’m tired of putting on a strong face

I’m tired of just standing in one place

and never moving forward…..

I’m tired.

I’m tired of being the one who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

I’m tired of the way that they’re looking 

at me all the time.

I’m tired.

And I’m sick of being me

or who seems to be lately.

I’m sick of being worried about failing,

but that seems to be all that I’m capable of doing.

I’m tired of hearing the disappointment in your voice. 

I’m tired of always having to make the choice

that I know you think is wrong.

I’m tired.

Can you promise me something…

That your not just taking me on a joy ride.

That everything your saying is true.

Can you promise me something….

that this job won’t be like the others

all talk and nothing comes through.

Can you promise me something…

That you’ll always tell me the truth

even if its hard and it might make me blue.

Cuz I’m tired of people lying to me.

I’m tired of not knowing what my check will be.

Maybe I’m to hard on myself,

but I feel like I’m falling of a shelf.

Basically that I’m failing at life

and I’m only twenty one.